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What's up Freaks! My name is Tyson Eckert. I’m 12 years old and I have loved training and exercising since my farthest memory. My family and I grew up in New York, and moved to California about 4 years ago. We drove across the country and we worked out, outside in all 14 states along the way on our journey. My parents are Steve and Eva Eckert, along with my sister, Evanka, and they all love working out.


Training and exercising is Not new to me. I have been doing this for nearly 9 years, and am very excited to finally start sharing it with even more people so they can have a healthier lifestyle. I literally grew up in my parents gym, and started exercising since I could remember. Once I was born, My parents had a dog, called Tyson, and I was named after him. He was also the logo of our gym, Peak Physique. 


Have you ever wanted to get your whole family to workout? Then you have come to  he right place. Freak Fit is NOT only about the workouts, but it's about bonding with your family and having a great time while you workout. Freak Fit is all about Training Hard, but still having fun. 


Benefits to Freak Fit 


💪🏻You will get EVEN stronger, EVEN faster, and EVEN  MORE athletic


💪🏻Four weekly workouts a month for you and your kids


💪🏻You will get in the best shape of your life 


💪🏻You Will get to meet new parents, kids, and families in our community


💪🏻You WILL have tons of fun and a great time


💪🏻We do a series of Bootcamp, Boxing, and Weightlifting workouts

💪🏻Every workout there are questions, lessons, and conversations that are never the same


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Features to Freak Fit



🏋 Access to a Library of workouts that you can choose to do


🏋Access to LIVE IN PERSON Events- 24 Hour Challenges, Suffering Saturdays.


🏋Totally to the Public- Anyone can join


🏋All you need is yourself, Zoom, and a Positive Attitude!


🏋Every single workout is for any fitness level


🏋Two Days after every single training session you will get a gallery and speaker view recording of the previous  workout




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Questions and Answers

Question #1: Is this only for Kids?   


Answer #1: Yes, this is a kids program, but siblings, family and friends are encouraged to join.
Question #2: Do you need any experience for this program?    
Answer #2: The workouts WILL be challenging, but there are modifications and variations for every exercise
 Question #3: Are all of the workouts for any fitness level? 


Every single workout is for any fitness level, no matter what.


 Question #4: Will you need equipment for any of the workouts?


Yes you will need equipment for some workouts such as dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine ball, and a pair of bands.
 Question #5: Are any of the workouts the same? 


Every single workout is never the same. We may use the same equipment or template, but no workouts are the same.

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