Have You Ever Felt Like You Are Losing Control of Your Time, Agenda, and Energy?


Do You Need More Daily Discipline with Better Habits?


It's Time to Make Changes, and Take Back Ownership of Your Life, Starting with Your Daily Habits! 

Are you feeling stuck, complacent, or just struggling to get to the next level in your Mind, Body, and Business?

It all starts with your Daily Habits, Routines, and Rituals, in ALL areas of Life...Your Daily Disciplines! 

It Needs to start off with Awareness, very deliberate and intentional until it becomes an Automatic Operating System for your Life.

Introducing the

Freak Mode 40: Daily Discipline Habit Challenge

That's what the FM40 is, like installing a new Operating System upgrade into your Mind, Body, and Business, so that you can Generate neverending Energy that allows you to have True Productivity in getting More Done in Less Time.

This will give you the sense of Fulfillment, Purpose, and movement towards your Higher Calling, that you have been in search of.

You will Get More Done in Less Time- with more time for your Family and for things you actually Want to do.

You will have more Spirit for Life, more Fun, and Make More Money!
You will create your own Personal Freak Freedom!
You will Activate your FREAK MODE!

This will happen through these next 40 days and 40 Nights of Peak Practices and Daily Disciplines to demonstrate your true self-expression, create Personal Freedom, and start Living Life on Your Own Terms.  We call it your FREAK Freedom!

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Daily Domination in Your

Mind, Body, and Business

Here's How it Works

  • You will start with your Non-Negotiables, what we call your Freak Foundations.  These are things to be done EVERYDAY, 7 Days per week right from Day 1 of the Challenge.   
  • Then each day of the 40 Day Challenge, you will unlock a new Daily Discipline to add to your War chest. 

  • This will create Habit stacking and build the Freak Mode Discipline and Energy into your DNA.

  •  Most Daily Disciplines stack on top of each other, meaning you do it everyday in addition to all the previous days Habits. 

  • Some days will be a One Time Freak Mode Daily Challenge to be completed that day, but not added to the regular stack.

  •  By the end of the 40 Days You will have all the real World tools, strategies, and tactics to operate to Dominate in your Mind, Body, and Business.




Completely Transform your entire Lifestyle

Operate to Dominate like a FREAK 

for pennies per day


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The 4 Core Pillars of the Freak Mode 40 :


✔️Mind- Personal Development
✔️Body- Physical Development
✔️Business - Leadership, Team, and Financial Development
✔️Self - Social Development




Freak Mode 40

Peak Practices Daily Discipline Habit Challenge


✔️Operate to Dominate
✔️Daily Domination
✔️Create Freak Freedom
✔️Discipline, Habits, and Structure


✔️Mine for Time
✔️Be Unapologetic with your time and agenda
✔️Work/ Life Balance is Bullshit
✔️Be a Control Freak


✔️Violently Protect Your time, energy, habits
✔️Control your Mind, Effort, Attitude, Character, Time, and Habits
✔️Lazer Beam Focus, presence, Intention, Attention

When you accept and complete the Freak Mode 40 challenge you’ll be able to:

✔️Operate to Dominate in Mind, Body, and Business
✔️Build Mental Toughness- Emotional Resilience and Self Awareness
✔️Have EVEN More Discipline, Energy, and Confidence in All areas of Life
✔️Create Daily Domination with your own Personal Freak Freedom
✔️Create Discipline, Habits, and Structure on your own freaking terms
✔️Mine your Time- Awareness of where you are wasting time, and where you can create time for things that Actually matter
✔️Become Unapologetic with your time, habits, Agenda
✔️Become a Control Freak- Control your Mind, Effort, Attitude, Character, Time, and Habits
✔️Work/ Life Satisfaction, Discipline, and Domination- Laser Beam focus, with  presence, intention, and attention


What is the FM40 all about? 
You will spend 40 days in creating long lasting disciplines that will change your Mind, Body and Business forever. 
What are the fees for the course?
There is a ONE-TIME payment of ONLY $97 for EVERYTHING when you start the program! 

Can I participate in FM40 at my own convenient time?
Absolutely! - however, you must log in every day to watch the short video, learn your new habit and implement it.
What will happen if I miss a day?
If you think this way - you definitely need us and this challenge so YOU stop setting yourself up for failure.
What will be required of me?
You need to finish the required challenge per day. And finish the FM40 within the 40 days.
Who is the program for?
For a person, who needs to create better structure, get energy from daily habits and rituals in their life, so they can achieve success in their Mind, Body and Business. 
✨I haven't exercised in a long time. Can I still participate in the  FM40? 
 Yes, you certainly can, because the daily habits do not consist of  workouts. We strongly recommend any kind of activity. 
Will you provide exercise program during the FM40?
If you have been stock with your weight and hasn't seen results recently - we suggest you to upgrade your FM40 for additional $49 to get our FAT BURNING DAILY WORKOUTS for only $49 ( regular price $197).
How can I get the workouts during the FM40?
Once you register you will be able to upgrade and get the workouts for $ 49!  This price is only available during registration for the FM40.


$2.43 / Day of the Challenge

Just pennies per challenge!!


If you follow this program and you're not completely satisfied with your results you can request your money back!